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Imagine YOUR Story @ Coplay Public Library

Summer Quest 2020


  • Are You Smarter Than a Librarian Trivia Night: Provides insight on hosting a trivia program.
  • An online forum for those who cosplay, including ideas for costumes as well as tips for participating in a contest and the judging criteria for some contests.
  • Cubeecraft: Created by Christopher Beaumont, this site has a wide assortment of pop culture character designs available for free download. Be sure to check out the "About" and "FAQ" sections of the site before getting started.
  • Decorate a Mason Jar Bank: Includes basic instructions for decorating a mason jar piggy bank similar to the craft above.
  • DIY Death Star Paper Lantern: Provides steps and images for creating a paper lantern Death Star for Star Wars parties.
  • DIY Piggy Bank Jar: Provides instructions and examples of various theme-based mason jar piggy banks.
  • DIY Star Wars Glow Stick Lightsabers: Provides step-by-step instructions for making a glow stick lightsaber using simple supplies.
  • Do Memes Violate Copyright Law?: Blog post created in 2016 that provides basic information about memes and copyright.
  • Doctor Who Trivia Contest: Provides planning steps and advice for hosting a Doctor Who trivia contest of your own.
  • eMedia Law Insider: Brief Internet article from 2017 that provides information about memes and copyright.
  • Free Jeopardy! Powerpoint Templates: Lists an assortment of Jeopardy-inspired templates that could be used to run a trivia contest using laptops and projectors.
  • Glow Stick Saber: Provides instructions on how to make glow stick lightsabers using elaborate templates and tools. A step up from the previous craft.
  • How to Host a Trivia Program: Provides helpful tips on how to organize and run a trivia program.
  • How to Make a Cubeecraft: There are a variety of how-to videos for making cubeecrafts available on YouTube.
  • How to Make a Terrarium: Provides instructions on how to make and care for a terrarium.
  • How to Make a Terrarium: Similar to the above craft. A straightforward visual guide to making a terrarium.
  • How to Write the Best Fanfic: Provides some basic advice and do's and don't's for creating fanfiction.
  • Interfilk: A nonprofit organization that promotes cultural exchange and supports the filking community.
  • Kapwing: Free meme generator that also offers sound effects and stop-motion clip making.
  • Make a Meme: Free meme generator that is also available as an app for Apple products.
  • Make a Mixtape: Discusses the process of creating a physical or digital mixtape.
  • Make Your Own Glowing Star Wars Lightsaber: A how-to-guide, similar to the above two links, for making glow stick lightsabers using nail polish as a key ingredient.
  • Mason Jar Piggy Bank: An example of how to make an R2-D2 mason jar piggy bank.
  • Mason Jar Piggy Bank: Similar to the above crafts, basic instructions for converting a mason jar into a piggy bank.
  • Meme Generator: Free meme generator that has the ability to link with social media via Facebook.
  • Microsoft Meme Generator: Free app/program that you can download and use with Microsoft products.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Current Mystery Science Theater 3000 website with video clips to watch for those not familiar with the program.
  • The Nerdist: Cosplay: Part pf the online Nerdist community with various examples of detailed cosplay.
  • Ohio Valley Fik Fest 33: Ohio Valley Filk Fest resource page that includes links to different filking groups, conventions, and other tips.
  • Pinterest: Cosplay: Plenty of ideas ranging from simple to elaborate costumes.
  • Playlist Builder: Provides tips for creating and maintaining a music playlist.
  • RiffTrax: Created because of the popularity of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this website offers registered users the ability to purchase access to pre-created comedy tracks that play along with a movie.
  • Shaven Wookie: Scripts that can be used for audience participation when watching Star Wars.
  • Star Wars BB-8 Paper Lantern: Provides step-by-step instructions for creating a BB-8 paper lantern character.
  • Steven Universe Tectonic Plate Theory: An interesting look at the possible science and geography of Steven Universe.
  • Steven Universe Terrarium: A visual guide to creating a terrarium based on Steven Universe.
  • Wikipedia: Mystery Science Theater 3000: General overview of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those who may not be familiar with the program.
  • World Cosplay Summit: Website for the World Cosplay Summit. Site includes information about their judging criteria and participation regulations.
  • Writing Fanfiction: Provides an overview of fanfiction for parents and teachers and includes tips for how to encourage students to use fanfiction as a writing exercise.


  • Chromascreen: iOS
  • Green Screen Lite: Android
  • MuVChat: iOS and Windows
  • Expeditions: iOS and Android
  • Minos Starfighter VR: Android
  • Star Wars: iOS and Android
  • Titans of Space Cardboard VR: Android
  • ISS Detector Satellite Tracker: Android
  • ISS Spotter: iOS
  • Sky Guide AR: iOS
  • SkyView: iOS and Android
  • Star Tracker: Android