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Imagine YOUR Story @ Coplay Public Library

Summer Quest 2020


Tweens and teens, come hang out, relax with a good book, ESCAPE, or volunteer with the younger kids!

Sign up at the library to be included in prize winning opportunities, volunteer, or just show up to our weekly programs and special events.

How and what you participate in is up to you.

You can:

  • Find a description of monthly programs below.
  • Click on the tabs to the left to find more information for teens.

Space Escape!


  • Breakout challenge
  • Escape room design
  • Escape room planning
  • Help create an escape room for the library!

Time: 3:00 PM

Day: Third Wednesday of the month

  • June 19: Intro to Escape Rooms
  • July 17: Escape Room Design 101
  • August 21: Escape Room Design 102

If interest is high and the Breakout design is complicated, we'll add days as needed.

No registration required!