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Imagine YOUR Story @ Coplay Public Library

Summer Quest 2020



Free Apps:

  • Sewing Lessons: From Alexcandy, video tutorials include hand sewing, how to wind a bobbin, and more. Great for Cosplay!
  • Low You to Bits: From Alike Studio, travel through the universe collecting mementos as you interact with different scenarios and creatures.
  • Dice: From Benoit Layer, never be without dice with this virtual companion.
  • Wizard Wanted Poster Maker HD: From Beros, use your camera to create "Have You Seen This Wizard?" posters.
  • Stop Motion Studio:From Cateater LLC, use images to make basic stop-action films with features for sound editing, green screen effects, and frame-by-frame editing.
  • iMotion: From Fingerlab, take pictures and turn them into time-lapse or stop-motion masterpieces.
  • Rhino Heart: From Fox and Sheep, help this caped hero protect the city in a physics-based game.
  • Alien Assignment: From the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media, the Gloop have crashed their spaceship and need your help!
  • Who Are You in Harry Potter?: From Gartorware, ever wonder if you are a loyal Weasley or a cunning Malfoy? Quiz questions help you find out!
  • Chwazi Finger Chooser: From Ivan Seidel Gomes, randomize luck when dividing teams or choosing pairs.
  • I Can Animate: From Kudlian, bring inanimate objects to life, add sound effects, and organize your stop-motion movie.
  • Timer+: From Minima Software, Sandtimers can be difficult to use for games, but this app makes even multiple timers easy.
  • Moonbeeps: Gizmo: From Moonbot Studios, turn any box into a rocket ship with this virtual dashboard.
  • Pokemon Go: From Niantic, get outside and join fellow trainers in catching Pokemon, battling for victory, and collecting items.
  • Stardate Calculator: From Priddy Software, find out what today's date would be on the Stardate Calendar.
  • Space: From Tinybop, observe and interact with outer space while learning interesting facts and figures.
  • Fantastic Beasts: Cases: From Warner Bros., search for clues in this hidden-object game based on the film.
  • International Enterprises: From Warner Bros., Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - This immersive game follows Harry's first years at Hogwarts.
  • Star Trek Trexels: From YesGnome LLC, become part of the Starfleet crew and take on adventure as it unfolds.
  • Stop Motion Studio: From Cateater, LLC, create and edit stop-motion movies with themes, titles, and sound effects.
  • Sphero: From Sphero, Inc., Complete missions and master your Sphero skills.
  • Ozobot: From Evollve, Inc., play OzoDraw, OzoLuck, and OzoPath.

Paid Apps:

  • Minecraft: $6.99 - From Mojang, make and explore with unlimited resources or dive into survivor mode.
  • Clayframs: $2.99 - From Mr. Lightbox, create stop-motion animations with added features like transparent overlay, frame duplication, and the ability to draw over your images
  • Stop-Motion: $1.99 - From Sheado, set your scene and string together frames for exciting stop-motion videos.
  • Toca Builders: $2.99 - From Toca Boca, build stuff and smash it!