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Imagine YOUR Story @ Coplay Public Library

Summer Quest 2020


All Summer:

By Theme:

   Take Me to Your Reader:

   Shoot for the Moon:

   To the Library and Beyond:

   Trekking Across Our Universe:

A Sky Full of Stories:


App Finder : Search for high quality apps for family time.

Free Apps:

  • Zoola: for iOS and Android by INBAL Tal
  • Solar Family: for iOS by Dweek Studios

Paid Apps:

  • Spot at the Farm: $2.99 for iOS by Penguin
  • The Boynton Collection: $9.99 for iOS and Android by Loud Crow
  • Goodnight, Moon: $4.99 for iOS and Android by Loud Crow
  • Don't Let the Pigeon Run this App!: $5.99 for iOS by Disney
  • Pete the Cat: School Jam: $0.99 for iOS by HarperCollins
  • Solar Walk: $4.99 for iOS by Vito Technology