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Applying to Graduate School at UIUC Resources: Support Information

This guide provides resources that will help you get started researching and applying to graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Support For Graduate Students on Campus

No matter your professional path, graduate school is an important transition for all students. Because transitions can be stressful and multi-faceted, support is necessary to help make the process more straightforward. These resources will help you find support in areas such as academics, mental health and wellbeing, et cetera. 

Mental Health

Social Science Health and Education Library (SSHEL)

Find mental health resources at SSHEL

Guides by Subject

Categories I've found to be helpful are Health & Medicine, Psychology and Social Work. 

Counseling Center 

Book counseling appointments, find self-help resources, and receive mental health education. 

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Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

All information about applying for, opting out of, and assessing student health insurance options are available at this link!

Why might I want to opt out of student health insurance?

Some students get health insurance coverage elsewhere and prefer to waive the health insurance expense from their fee. Click the link above to find out more information about opting out of student health insurance if this applies to you.

Academic Support

Tutoring- College of Education 

Free tutoring, exam review sessions, supplemental instruction et cetera for all students. 

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Student Unions