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Applying to Graduate School at UIUC Resources: Home

This guide provides resources that will help you get started researching and applying to graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


This guide will help you to utilize University Library resources to help you research, apply for and navigate graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

How the library can help you apply

Writer's Workshop at the Undergraduate Library

Work with a Writer's Workshop tutor when you're writing your personal statements/cover letters!

Subject Librarians 

Find librarians who can help you navigate resources for graduate school in your subject of interest. 

Research and Writing Consultations

Get advice from experts about writing and research (both are important to graduate applications!)

Talk to Advisors in Your Prospective Program!

This guide is no substitute for talking to advisors in your prospective program, as they will be able to provide information about the application process that are program specific. It is helpful to email them with questions, schedule a phone call or ask for program-specific resources. This will help you shape your application and feel the most prepared for success. 

Finding Graduate Application Resources in the Library


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Easy Search

Allows you to search for multiple types of materials in many different databases at once. 

Library Catalog

Search for materials available at all of UIUC's libraries. 

Useful keyword searches: Applying to Graduate School, Graduate School applications. 

Helpful Tip: Under the drop-down menu for "Resource Type," play around with filtering by type. There will be books, text resources, articles, videos, dissertations, etc, and the variation will allow different perspectives that are important for applying to graduate school!


Search for specific databases that are available through the University library. 

Research Guides

Librarian-made guides intended to help you through the research process. 


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Suggest a Resource

Find a resource that I haven't included and you think I should have? Email me and tell me!