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Contemporary Women Ceramicists: Wheel Throwning

An exploration of the building techniques of women ceramicists in the 21st century.

Beginning to Throw a Pot

Ceramic tools in a cup and clay on a pottery wheel in motion

Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

Names of the Basic Steps for throwing a pot at the wheel:

  1. Centering
  2. Opening
  3. Cutting in and Widening
  4. Compressing the bottom
  5. Pulling-up
  6. Shaping
  7. Trimming 

Resources on Wheel Thrown Pots

Throwing a pot on the potter's wheel Part 1 - Copyright Danielle The Clay Lady 2012

These videos give visual for the same steps listed in the box above. The woman ceramicist instructor provides the steps simply and slowly. She also tells historical information such as how the process got the name "throwing a pot." See the Part 1 to learn about that!

Throwing a pot on the potter's wheel Part 2 - Copyright Danielle The Clay Lady 2012

Difference with Wheel Throwing vs. Other Techniques

While wheel thrown pots are a technique all to their own, the way ceramicists stand out uniquely in this section are typically by the glaze technique, or embellishments, not the building. In this page you can see that the pots look similar to shapes you have seen before. My hope is you will find wonder in the glaze techniques of this page. 

Contemporary Artist

Meet Angel Oloshove

red and orange ceramic cylinders on left + yellow and green ceramic cylinders on right 

Did you know that ceramics can glow? These simple shapes from wheel thrown pots were given out-loud vibrant color gradients. Oloshove is well known for the way she glazes the pottery she makes. 

ceramic vase with triple bubble shape, rainbow pastel colors

This image of her 2016 Ombré Triple Bubble is glazed with very bright, yet pastel colors. This style with the pastels flowing through a gradient is striking and unique. The colors are inspiration from sunsets of the big sky in Texas. 

"This is the nucleus of my ceramics, to hold the sunset in your hand."

Interested to see more of Oloshove's pottery? She creates both wheel thrown pots and sculptures.

Visit Oloshove's website:

When you see Angel Oloshove's website, you will find ceramic sculptures, and pots, aglow with the magic of her glaze techniques. 


Virtual Art Encounters | In the Studio with Angel Oloshove Copyright Museum Fine Art Houston 2021

This video shows Angel Oloshove building and glazing her sculptures. This videos shows the sculptural glazes are sprayed on. She talks about the contrast of the soft-looking texture with the heavy weight of the object. As well, she talks about the bright, matte colors making it look like powder even though it is solid glaze.