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Contemporary Women Ceramicists: Combinations and Sculptural

An exploration of the building techniques of women ceramicists in the 21st century.

Combination of Techniques

Why combine? 

From my experience and observations, ceramicists combine the building techniques mainly in sculptures. 

Some ceramicists seek to play with the interchange of textures that arises from combining the techniques. For example, one might explore the smooth of wheel thrown in combination with the roughness of some hand building techniques. 

As well, ceramicists often create sculptures within one building technique. A classmate of mine threw a series of pots and created a self portrait. 

Which techniques do you think would complement each other best? 

porcelain bust of woman, small cylinders with brushes around it on table

Contemporary Artist

Meet Annabeth Rosen

Rosen builds abstract sculptures. You will see there is a play in the balance and a tension of the different pieces combined together. 

Annabeth Rosen 2020 ACC Fellow Copyright American Craft Council 2020

Rosen was selected as one of the College Fellows for the 2020 American Craft Awards. According to the award page, she has served as the Robert Arneson endowed chair in the department of art and art history at the University of California, Davis since 1997. This video gives a view of Rosen's studio space, describes some of the ceramicists whose work provide her inspiration. 

Annabeth Rosen on Abstraction Copyright Contemporary Arts Museum Houston 2017

This video displays Rosen's collection at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in 2017 with a short commentary of what abstraction is to her. It is very intriguing to see how big her large scale art is. Her comment, "intentional avoidance of the literal" makes me reflect on the times I have visited museums. So often, I work to assign meaning to the abstract art I am observing. Maybe the next time I go, I will make an effort to just soak up the image or sculpture, without assigning meaning. 

The Cranbrook Art Museum  in Michigan displayed 20 years worth of Rosen's sculptures. This page has photos of the installation and sculptures, a short description of the ceramicist, and a video. The 2018-2019 display was called Fired, Broken, Gathered, Heaped. It includes some drawings on the walls, as well. 

Link to Rosen's website:

Follow this link to view Annabeth Rosen's website. It primarily provides links to her in the press. Unfortunately, there are not any sculptures to view, other than on the 'Home' page. To see more images of her sculptures, I recommend watching the videos above and searching for her name on YouTube.