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Contemporary Women Ceramicists: Hand Building

An exploration of the building techniques of women ceramicists in the 21st century.

Techniques of Hand Building


Video showing tips for creating coils, Copyright Ceramic Arts Network 2019 featuring Erin Furimsky


Video of building a cylinder from a slab of clay., Copyright Ceramic Arts Network 2016 featuring Lisa Naples


Video showing steps for extruding hollow shapes. (Solid coils can also be extruded.) Copyright Cindy Husar 2017

Resources on Hand Building

Contemporary Artist

Meet Shino Takeda

A glimpse into the ceramicist Shino Takeda's home by Unarmed Media. Video clip begins with a close-up view of Takeda's pottery at minute 1:40. 

I highly recommend watching the rest of the video before and after the initial to get a sense of this artist's demeanor and overall style.

Copyright 2016

"Most of my work is hand built using the coil method and working with several different clay bodies."

This ceramicist stepped into the world of ceramics in 2010. Within two years, she launched herself into ceramics as a full-time career. Since then, her functional pottery has become well known across the country. It available for sale both in various stores where she is based in Brooklyn, she has pottery available in stores across the country. Shino Takeda uses coils and hand building techniques to create her various types of vessels and functional ware.

See these bright and cheerful colors of her pottery:

Vase-like ceramic vessels by Takeda

a large variety of Takeda's ceramic spoons

Takeda is a prolific potter. Look at all these spoons! So many sizes, color combinations, and shapes. 

Tall colorful ceramic pots by Takeda

Link to Takeda's website:

Visit Shino Takeda's website to learn even more about her pottery. Plus, her website has further photos of her art and a shop.

More Places to Find Takeda

These are also listed on her website under the "Fun Things" tab. 

Food 52 Interview of Takeda - This article provides a closer look into the ceramicist's home. The video at the top of this page gave s small glimpse. This one includes photos even from within her refrigerator! Take a look, what is in her refrigerator?