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Contemporary Women Ceramicists: Welcome

An exploration of the building techniques of women ceramicists in the 21st century.

Why Women Ceramicists?

Welcome to my LibGuide about Contemporary Women Ceramicists! 

My interest in women ceramicists derives from my love of creating with clay and wanting to know more about women in this realm of art. I studied Art & Spanish as a double major from my undergraduate degree at Western Oregon University. My focuses within the art degree were drawing and ceramics. My ceramics professor, Mary Harden, provided instruction on many of these building techniques displayed in this LibGuide. I learned so much from her and my classmates in the four years of building with clay. She certainly encouraged me to continue working with ceramics. This LibGuide is a small collection of contemporary women artists from who I aim to draw inspiration when I pick up the clay again. 
I hope that one day, you can find some joy and love in creating with clay! 

Clay in Hand

Pale hands holding some brown wet clay

Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash

Ready to Clay?

When you are ready to play in the clay, here are two Memphis, Tennessee studios with a community and membership studio access. 

  • Belltower Coffeehouse & Studio - This large pottery studio location is near the campus of the University of Memphis in the popular Highland Strip. As the name suggests, it has both a coffeehouse and a potty studio. From my experience, The ceramicists at this location are creating with the wheel throwing technique only. I have not seen hand building, slip casting, or abstract pottery at this studio. Membership is required for studio usage. 
    • Membership levels: Basic $75/month, Hobbyist $150/month, Pro $300/month. The difference per level is primarily the amount of private shelf and kiln space available.    
  • Summer Ave Art & Clay - This smaller pottery studio area is located on Summer Ave. near Holmes St. While the shared space is small, there are also areas for private studios. From my experience, there is a mixture of building techniques used at this location. There were ceramicists making jewelry pieces, wheel thrown pottery, abstract sculptures, and hand building. Membership is required for studio usage. Plus, ceramicists could also build at home and pay to use the kiln space. 
    • Membership levels: Community Studio $50-$75/month, Private Studio $100-$150/month. The community studio runs primarily on office hours, while the private studios are available 24/7. 


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