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Creating Video Presentations for the Celebration of Student Scholarship: Home

This is guide for undergraduate researchers who are presenting their work via video presentation at the OSCAR Celebration of Student Scholarship. This guide will provide students with tips, tutorials and resources to help them create their video presentat

Video Presentations - Getting Started

A video presentation is taking a face-to-face sharing of your research findings (a poster, a short presentation, a three-minute thesis) and moving that to a set video presentation about your research. A video presentation can look different from student to student and from discipline to discipline. However, all video presentations should share what your project was and what you accomplished. Your video should be 3 - 5 minutes, and should be a narrative of your research journey.

Save the Date

Submission Info

1) Please submit your project at
a) Login with your Mason credentials.
b) Complete the form, providing your video link, transcript, and abstract
c) Select all the tags that apply (your college, your program)
d) If the project is part of a course, list the course

2) Follow the final link to submit your project as a Mason Impact Project
a) Submit your video link
b) Answer the few questions about your project