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Historic Knitting : Home

A guide for the scholarly study of hand knitting through history..

A Guide to Scholarly Research of Historic Knitting

Historic knitting can be notoriously tricky to research. Primary sources in the scholarship of historic knitting are anything from a knitted object in a museum, a pattern, or a knitting manual. This guide is a roadmap to finding, reading, and interpreting historic knitting patterns, as well as the scholarship of historic knitting.

Ravelry: The Essential Resource

Knitting in Your Community

Some Knitting Basics

Don't know much about knitting? Start with this straightforward and clearly illustrated introduction to knitting techniques, fibers, tools, and other details you will need to know when studying knitting. Published in 1976, it also offers a sampling of patterns from the time. Internet Archive.

Wait! Is This Thing Even Knitted?